Denmark Wrap-Up

by | May 26, 2010 | Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Tecknowledgy, Week in Geek

Well I spent a few days in Denmark and visited Copenhagen and some of the surrounding communities to the north.  I was very impressed with Denmark and the people.  While the weather was hit or miss it was tolerable on the wet/cold days and absolutely wonderful on the sunny and warmer days.  Warmer being defined as mid to high 60s.  I was able to navigate the airport and train situation with some guidance from some locals.  I took the train from the airport to my destination in Vedbeck.  I also took the train on my personal sightseeing trips to central Copenhagen.

I took two tours of the city, one by boat and the other by tour bus and got a quick and effective feel for the city.  Then I embarked upon some of my own sightseeing by walking around the city center.

The people and the food was quite wonderful and I had a very good time and was able to easily navigate around the city on my own. 
One my hosts Henning Lund from Partner Power took me to the famous Kronberg Castle which is situated near the town of Helsingor and was originally built in 1420.  It was quite impressive.
I then spent some time with Henning at the Partner Power offices and got to see firsthand the International Headquarters in Hoersholm.

My final two evenings were spent with Partner Power personnel Pia Quist Monday, and Poul Kjaer (and his lovely wife Pia) Tuesday at dinners respectively.  Pia took me to an Italian Restaurant near the Hoersholm Marina and Poul took me to a traditional Danish Eating House near Microsoft’s HQ in Vedbeck.

The area reminded me of two locations…..The Hamptons on Long Island, and the area around Carmel, California….now all three are some of my favorite places.

I highly recommend Denmark!


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