Dynamics NAV Directions 2006 – Day Two

by | Oct 29, 2006 | Microsoft Dynamics NAV

While you might think it’s all fun and games to attend these conferences, we actually do learn things while we attend these sessions.  Today’s activities were very informative and I believe will be very helpful for both our consultants and our clients. 

The first session I attended was a keynote delivered by Tami Reller, VP with Microsoft and she reviewed several items on the Dynamics platform.  It was a very early presentation, and I was impressed with the energy in the room.  Dynamics NAV resellers are VERY passionate about the product and they love everything about the application.
I then attended the Dynamics NAV Partner Advisory Board (PAB) hosted by Mike Falkner and Suzanne Beaudoin (that’s right, Canada is an active player, thanks Suzanne).  The room was packed with several of the top Navision developers, resellers and several Microsoft personnel.  I am very fortunate to be a member of this impressive group.  For two hours we talked about features and functions that we would like to see added to the application.  I was also impressed with Microsoft’s participation in the meeting as well.

After lunch, I saw what was clearly the most impressive session of the conference for me.  The “Hand Apps” session which had a complete demonstration of how hand-held’s can work with the Dynamics NAV.  I am usually not impressed by new applications and features but this product really works and it,s something that several of our clients have been asking about.  At the upcoming Houston User Group meeting we will talk more about that application.

The evening was capped off by a Hawaiian Lula and the PKF Texas Navision team members were there sharing feedback on all the sessions they attended. 

Stay tuned for more from Day Three.


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