Global Risk Assessment: Are You Ready?

by | Oct 6, 2010 | Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Tecknowledgy, Week in Geek

As many readers of the blog know, we have long touted Houston’s International view.   In fact, many of our firm’s clients are international in scope of operations and results.  Many headquarters are based here in Houston with overseas operations, or vice versa.  Within our Consulting Solutions Group we have delivered several Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM solutions for global companies. In addition, we are also a member of Partner Power International which allows us to provide the highest quality Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM solutions on a global basis with local partners in those countries working under a common goal.

One area that we are asked for quite frequently is an assessment on Enterprise Risk Analysis.  Are risks increasing?  What are my responsibilities?  How does Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM address these risks?  Can they help me manage this process?

The attached article entitled “Enterprise Risk Analysis, a global analysis” was researched and published jointly by the AICPA in the US and the Charted Institute of Management Accounts in the UK.  For any executive or Board Member of a Global Entity, it’s a must read.  What is your status of a global assessment?  If you don’t know, or don’t like your answers seek out an experienced firm, like PKF Texas.  And if you need a new ERP system to help manage your compliance effort give us a call as well.

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