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by | Jul 22, 2009 | Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 ((NAV), formerly known as Navision)
Simple, Smart, Innovative

Since 1984 NAV has established itself as a choice for businesses and organizations looking for a complete business management solution that is fast to implement, easy to configure, and simple to use.

Today, simplicity continues to beat at the heart of NAV. And its state of the art functionality covers everything you need to run and grow a successful business. More than one million users have used NAV to simplify and streamline their highly specialized business processes and today its available in more than 42 country specific versions. The success of NAV is primarily due to its core values:

• Rich end to end functionality-so you can manage every aspect of your business
• International scope-deal with multiple languages and currencies when you conduct cross border business
• Adaptability-simple to customize and quick to tailor to the scope of your business
• Easy to use, implement and maintain-quick rise in productivity combined with lower costs of ownership

NAV has focus in the following key areas:
Financial Management
Supply Chain Management
Business Intelligence
Sales & Marketing
Human Resources
Project Management
Service Management

NAV is real time accounting system with strong internal controls that provide a detailed, rich audit trail of your transactions. It has several detailed cost centers called “Dimensions” which allows for detailed tracking of activities. It supports best of breed multicurrency, dual currency general ledgers and one button intercompany accounting. NAV is an ideal choice for subsidiaries or divisions of large enterprises because it is a standard solution with effective integration tools and enough flexibility to meet the varying needs of different business units. Microsoft has numerous examples of customers using NAV in divisions of businesses using SAP at their headquarters.

If your company does international business, you need to be using Dynamics NAV. If you are not using NAV, you are not getting the value you deserve from your business application. Contact me at for more information that can lower costs and improve your profits.

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