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by | Jul 27, 2009 | Microsoft Dynamics NAV

One of my team members, Jim Batson, Manager in the Consulting Solutions group here at PKF Texas is a Jet Reports Certified Professional. He’s written a couple of blog entries about how using Jet Reports can help a business. Below is the first entry:

In these uncertain times, you need tools to help you do things faster, better, and less expensively than before. And from time to time you find a tool that becomes invaluable to your company and your world. You wonder how you ever did your job without it. In our world of Dynamics NAV, Jet Reports is one of those tools that our clients find in a word, invaluable.

Let me elaborate. We have a client in the animal processing business that needed a highly customized business application and database to hand all of their special data and unique processes. Dynamics NAV, the business application handled that quite well.

With all of their unique business processes and data requirements, the possibility for a reporting nightmare loomed on the horizon. Getting the information out of database was the next challenge. They required many specialized reports for the various users of the data to reflect what they had captured. No worries, we immediately thought of Jet Reports and made the suggestion to the client. Result: Jet Reports was the perfect tool! To date, over 20 special reports have been developed, without any code development to Dynamics NAV, just Jet Reports. The client sent their Accounting Manager to one of PKF’s 3-Day Jet Reports Training Class. The manager is now writing and modifying reports on her own to meet all of managements reporting needs. Faster, better, and less expensive, way to go!

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