Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 has Launched

by | Apr 6, 2009 | Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Big news on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV front, NAV 2009 has now been launched!

 The release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 gives new meaning to the term “personal productivity.” Based on rigorous research into the way people really work, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 delivers a breakthrough user experience with RoleTailored home pages—called Role Centers—that make it easy for people to view their work priorities and access the information and tasks they need for their specific job, not just anyone’s job. The result? An innovative solution that frees employees and business leaders to direct their talents and skills towards business success.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 was designed for people in job roles ranging from the president, to the sales manager, to the warehouse worker. When Microsoft says the design reflects the way people really work, they’re speaking about people at all levels of the organization.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, they’ve listened to what customers are saying: “We need technology to help us stay focused on our business and be competitive. But make it simple for us to work with, so that our people want to work with it. Give us solutions that help people work smarter. And don’t stop at innovation as an end point in itself—use innovation so that our business can move forward now and into the future.”

How do the current economic times impact your decision to make an investment in technology?  Should you stay put and make no investments, try to ride it out?

Well some organizations chose to not make capital investments and allow their people to do more with less, but history has shown time and again that is failing prophecy.  Those organizations that move forward and allow their employees to take advantage of technology to get more information faster, and make more informed decisions will be clear winners.  Whether management wants to believe it, employees actually do take notice of whether you allow them to grow, or stay with old, obsolete technology.

Look for opportunities amid the turbulence.  Even during turbulent economic times, opportunities exist.  They are, however, unevenly distributed.  Economic instability does not imply a retreat from technology, but it may require refocusing or relaxing boundaries.  Business Intelligence (BI) and integrated communications technologies can help organizations better understand the world that exists by rapidly revealing changes in customer or market behavior. 

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