Motorcycles & Microsoft?

by | Oct 9, 2006 | Microsoft Dynamics NAV

I knew Microsoft Dynamics offered a great set of solutions, but didn’t realize how trendy the Dynamics solutions are until I found out the guys at Orange County Choppers (OCC) use several of the Dynamics solutions to help run their business. 

Even such a hands-on, mechanically based business like OCC looks for technology solutions to assist inventory management, accounting, budgeting, etc. 

Paul Sr. made the comment, “The way the operation is now, we probably hire more people that are computer smart than we do mechanical people, because that’s what makes our business run.”

It makes you think about how far we’ve come from the days of using the paper ledgers for accounting and the “black books” with lists for inventory. To quote Paul Sr. again, the solutions “just help everything run a lot smoother…”

How have you incorporated the latest technology solutions to run your business? Where do you think the technology will evolve next?

Stay tuned for more wisdom from my head and Paul Sr.!

To view Paul Sr. and the OCC crew discuss Microsoft Dynamics click here.

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