MS Gold Status – What Does it Mean? Part II

by | Feb 6, 2006 | Microsoft Dynamics NAV

I’m following up a previous blog entry on another advantage to achieving Gold Certified Partner status in the Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) competency.
At a time when cash flow management is becoming critical to success, the single most important cash investment is in your receivables. Yet, in the past, all you have had to manage this critical asset is an aging report.
I believe every company should be using some kind of software-driven collections process. This just makes good business sense. Depending on the current status of your outstanding accounts, you could reduce receivables by 5+ percent. Although this does not sound like a significant amount, multiply your current receivables balance by percent and consider the resulting cash flow!!
The Collections Management Solution for Navision allows a business to systematize its collections process, reduce receivables significantly, and, as a result, generate what could prove to be a substantial cash flow.
In essence, Collections Management Solution is a specialized contact manager designed specifically to support the collections process. You define who is going to be responsible for collections and when overdue invoices are passed to the application. All of the information you need to discuss this invoice with a customer is right there at your fingertips. During the process, you record who you talked to, what they said, when they promise to pay and when you should call them again, as well as determining if you need to you can collaborate with other people in the organization to collect this account.
Based on my experience, this system can be installed and become operational in under one hour – not a bad investment of time for a 5 percent increase in cash flow!

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