Partner Power Conference Day One – Greetings from the United Kingdom!

by | Apr 18, 2012 | Microsoft Dynamics NAV

As in the past I am blogging about the current trip to the UK to attend the Partner Power International Meeting.

Partner Power Day One

Hello from Windsor in the UK. The weather is rainy and cool, wait, the sun came out…no wait it’s raining again. Well, I am in the UK and that is the weather.

First day of the 12th Annual Partner Power Conference.

We kicked off with an update on the financial results of PPI around the world. That was followed with some sessions on PPI Business Processes. Then we had some quality time with Microsoft’s General Manager for Western Europe and we reviewed some key points that they are following for the future of the various Dynamics Products, and some interesting developments re future consulting partners.

The afternoon concluded with the members of PPI being involved in a team building exercise whereby we were divided up into teams. And we began a hunt for golden coins to help out Robin Hood and his merry men.  Our team  was the Light Blue team and we were involved in various scavenging activities, photographs or our group, contact with several entourage members associated with Robin, and also various games of skill and chance.   At our dinner last evening we were told we were the “winners” of the contest. Although some other team members claimed foul, we played the game exactly as instructed by Friar Tuck. We were better listeners.

More re Day Two to come.

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