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by | Oct 29, 2012 | Microsoft Dynamics NAV, PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

Russ: This is PKF Texas Entrepreneur’s Playbook. I’m Russ Capper, sitting in, once again, for Greg Price, who normally sits in this chair. Greg, the Director of Consulting Solutions at PKF Texas. And once again, I’m following up with him as being the guest. Greg, welcome back to your Playbook.

Greg: Well, Russ, thank you for being here again.

Russ: All right, you bet. Now we talked last time about Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You gave a great overview. I find it very interesting that companies like PKF are in charge of marketing it, selling it, supporting it, installing it, all of the above, but what differentiates PKF?

Greg: You know, Russ, that’s a great segue into what we think is the core strength of our team here at PKF Texas. It’s the experience and the tenure of our NAV consultants. We have no one with less than 10 years’ experience working with the product and that translates into highly successful engagements. We view that as probably the number one differentiator between us and our competition.

Russ: Wow, ten years is a long time in the software business. So but do you have something that actually substantiates the fact that you’re doing a great job.

Greg: I’m glad you asked that question because we actually have independent verification from Microsoft through their customer satisfaction process, which listed us in the top 98 percentile of customer satisfaction ratings and in an additional survey later this past year, our firm survey showed similar results as well. So our customers are speaking out as to the quality of our people and we’re very excited about that.

Russ: Cool, and congratulations for sure.

Greg: Thank you.

Russ: You bet. This has been another Thought Leader Production, brought to you by PKF Texas, the Entrepreneur’s Playbook. Tune in next week for another chapter.


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