Entrepreneurs as Advisors

by | Sep 9, 2009 | Observations

CNNMoney.com ran a story recently from Fortune Magazine’s interview with the founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman.

Something that immediately jumped out at me was that he said, “every individual is now somewhat entrepreneurial.”  I couldn’t agree more.  The rise in nominations for the FastTech 50 and Aggie 100 and the number of nominations for the first year of Houston’s 40 Under 40 is a testament to this.

Hoffman advises entrepreneurs to “be willing to change course.”  He says that too many entrepreneurs tend to think, “I’ve got my idea, I’ll go until I die.”

His path as an entrepreneur mirrors many on the Inc. 500, FastTech 50 and Aggie 100 lists.  I think there’s much to be gained from listening to their stories of success and failure.

One of my favorite interviews on the BusinessMakers Radio Show was one that Russ Capper did with former CEO of Continental Airlines, Gordon Bethune.  Bethune was able to turn Continental around and he talks about how simple changes can make the biggest impact on a business.

Using these interviews that appear in major publications, on the BusinessMakers website and even the Aggie 100 Words of Wisdom gives you a plethora of best practices you can apply to your own business.

Who do you admire as an entrepreneur?  What have they done that you’ve applied to your business?


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