Excuse me! My Blackberry is More Important Than You!

by | Mar 22, 2006 | Observations

I’m truly sick and tired of being outplaced, displaced and replaced by the Blackberry.
Who isn’t? The fast and the furious who constantly have to check their Blackberry (or Treo or PocketPC) for the latest string of endless e-mails … the same ones who interrupt a conversation with you to look down to see who’s calling.
There’s a place for people like this – and it isn’t in my circle of life.
Loren Steffy, business columnist for the Houston Chronicle, recently had an excellent article on this topic and some advice on the symptoms and remedy:

“I, too, was wired to the world, messages zapping into my waistband every few seconds. I walked with one hand hovering over my hip, ready to draw forth my BlackBerry at the first vibration like some e-mail cowboy. Friends, even family, rarely commanded my full attention. Every conversation was punctuated with glances toward the messages I held in my palm.
I left all that behind almost two years ago, when I joined the Chronicle and cast off my electronic harness. I quit cold turkey.”

I certainly understand the need to feel in touch with your business and personal life, but we could all benefit if more of us simply followed the rules of common courtesy!
Have I made my point clear, or do I have to send a text message?

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