Free Report on Capital for Texas Companies Available From Texas A&M

by | Feb 13, 2006 | Observations

The Texas A&M Center for New Ventures & Entrepreneurship (CNVE) recently completed its 2005 Fundraising Survey of Texas companies seeking capital. Richard Scruggs, executive director of the CNVE, has made this survey available for the public.
This is a statewide survey, and several organizations across Texas participated in the information-gathering process. The survey is intended to provide the leaders of young companies with a foundation from which to build their capital-seeking efforts. Successful and unsuccessful companies, and their representatives, were contacted to provide the background on their results.
Some key findings include the following attributes:
*A formal board of directors is an attribute for success.
*Investors continue to fund deals/industries with which they are comfortable.
*Participation in an incubator was helpful, but a not a clear indicator of success.
Additional insight can be gained from reading the entire report. It’s a free download.

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