Is the 4g nano all its cracked up to be?

by | Dec 3, 2008 | Observations, Tecknowledgy, Week in Geek

I’ve been reading a lot of reviews lately about the recently released 4th generation (4g) iPod nano.  With holiday shopping in full gear, I wanted to share what I’ve read with all of you.  Now that users have had plenty of time to try it out, (it was released in September) the “real” reviews have begun to roll in.

The reviews are definitely mixed.  Most people really like the return to the shape of the 2nd generation iPod, the shake to shuffle feature and the choice of color.

One of the most common complaints was that users couldn’t turn off the Cover Flow feature, which when the nano was turned on its side the user could browse through the songs by the album cover art.  This has apparently been corrected by a software update that Apple released in early November.

Other frustrations included the lack of compatibility with existing iPod accessories, shortened battery life, and problems with the sensitivity of the accelerometer.  The accelerometer is the part of the nano that allows the screen to flip when it’s tilted.  Until now the only Apple products using the accelerometer were the iPhone and the iTouch. 

What have your experiences been with the 4g nano?  What features do you like?  Which features have been problematic? Do you plan to buy one for yourself or as a gift?

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