Mind the Gap: Interim Praise a Good Thing

by | Jun 12, 2006 | Observations

Richard Scruggs’ article from the Center for New Ventures & Entrepreneurship’s May newsletter – “Lessons Learned From an Aggie Ring” – really hit home for me.
When was the last time you stopped and assessed your progress during a project or client/customer engagement?
Take a look at an excerpt of Richard’s article:

“I wondered if we celebrate interim milestones enough. I wondered if managers remember the value of celebrating the little accomplishments that add up to success. I wondered if we all remember the how it feels to be told that you are on the right track, making good progress and we’re confident you’ll get to the goal.
“For 25 years I worked in project-oriented companies. I remember many end-of-project dinners, parties and happy hours. I remember very few mid-project celebrations. I remember mid-project get togethers that were more team building than celebration. I remember many interim events that were driven more by the staff than leadership.
“I know a lot of celebrating goes on in business. I’m also sure we can do more – especially celebrating interim accomplishments. It is important to let people know that they are on the right track, that they are making meaningful progress and that, while the goal may be a ways off, we know they will get there.”

We’re usually so wrapped up with expectations and outcome that we sometimes forget that an interim temperature check is just the remedy to ensure you’re on the right track. More than that, it gives you time to change your processes and actions in case something is inaccurate or just plain wrong.

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