Next Generation Using Technology

by | Dec 12, 2007 | Observations

One of my colleagues, Mark Daugherty passed along this interesting article from about how the different generations perceive technology.

The reporter, Eric Chabrow, made an interesting point that the younger generation rarely notices the technology in the devices they use and that they use technology differently than my generation of Baby Boomers.

I definitely see this everyday, both in the office working with the twentysomethings, and at home with my kids. To them technology just is. It’s always been there. They don’t remember computers that took up whole rooms and had less memory than the smallest iPod. They’ve always known a world with the internet and they are constantly connected and plugged in. From texting on their cell phone, to instant messaging and postig on facebook/myspace, they are in constant communication. 

To an extent, my generation is too. We are glued to our cell phones and Crackberries, but there isn’t necessarily the constant need to put our whole life out there all the time. The way we communicate is different. Texting still is not a primary form of communication for me and my peers. I do text people other than my children, but it’s not with any great frequency.

It makes me wonder if the next generation is losing the personal touch by using the newest technologies. They communicate more, but whereas 20 years ago parents would have been concerned with their teenagers tying up the phone line after school, they are concerned with how much time their children are spending online and how much texting they are doing. 

When exactly did this shift occur? Did our parents feel this way about us? What does the future hold for our children’s children? Only time will tell.

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