Preventing The Brain Drain

by | Oct 4, 2006 | Observations, Tecknowledgy

I’ve detailed several human capital best practice tips for the Entrepreneur’s Playbook here in my blog. The topic of the shortage of talent in the marketplace is being discussed in boardrooms across the country. 

I received an e-newsletter the other day detailing some interesting human capital software.

The ProfileXT software, from The Leadership Edge, Inc., is an assessment tool developed to “put the right person in the right job, reducing employee turn over.”

How does this software play into the human capital discussion? If the software can place the right employees with the right job the employees will be more productive and less likely to leave. This is all well and good, but what about the person-to-person aspect? 

Are computers better at determining whether a potential employee is a good fit for a company or not? Shouldn’t we trust the interview process? 

One interesting thing to note, the newsletter called the loss of a talented employee “brain drain.” They define it as:

“…each time one of your key employees resigns, you risk the loss of customers or even the loss of proprietary information to your competition…”

Does your company have policies and procedures in place to help reduce the “brain drain”? Do you think utilizing this type of software would help retain talent? If you did use this type of software, how much weight would you give to the software report vs. the interview with the candidate?

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