Socialnomics & The Social Media Revolution

by | Sep 7, 2009 | Observations

I’d like you to watch an insightful video, The Social Media Revolution on YouTube from Erik Qualman, author of the Socialnomics blog and book. 

I first learned of this video last week via one of my connections on LinkedIn.  Similar to the popular Did You Know 2.0 video that made the rounds a while back, this video is full of statistics about the rise of social media that will make you realize the power of communicating via social media networks.

If you’re not exploring social media options, or are just dipping your toe in the water, now is the time to make the move.  While social media won’t eliminate other forms of communication it has changed the landscape of where, when and how we are communicating.

The comments on YouTube are very telling about the direction social media is moving, and substantiate the statistics in the video. 

How many of you are using social media for personal or professional reasons?  If you’re not, why the hesitation?  Do you know where your employees and customers are online?  If you don’t, you could be missing valuable information.  How can you apply the information from the video to your business?


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