The Entrepreneurial Generation

by | Jul 2, 2008 | Observations

I ran across a good blog on Inc.’s website, The Entrepreneurial Generation by Donna Fenn.

A lot of what she talks about relates to the Generation Y/Next Generation entrepreneurs, though there are lessons that entrepreneurs of any age can take and learn from. 

One of my favorite entries is from April 15th called “Philanthropists or Narcissists?”.  Fenn discusses how today’s young entrepreneurs are incorporating a level of social responsibility into their businesses from the early stages. If you read the comments there are some very interesting contrasting points. Is it irresponsible to give money to charity before you turn a profit? If you let your investors know that social responsibility is an integral part of your business plan is it ok? Definitely good points to begin a dialogue with. 

Do you think the next generation is the most entrepreneurial? If so, why do you think they are? Why didn’t it happen the same way with Generation X? As more seasoned entrepreneurs, what do you think we can learn from this young eager generation?

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