To Skim or Read?

by | Jul 23, 2007 | Observations

I ran across a recent study this weekend that said almost 90% of Smartphone users skim email on their phone, then wait to really read the full email later. 

Count me in that 90%. If there’s a non-urgent email, especially one with links, I’ll wait to get back to the office or home where I can view the information full screen. While I appreciate the ability to view an e-newsletter for example on my phone, there’s something to be said for not squinting to read the information.

That said, I do enjoy being able to read, edit and send Word and Excel documents from my phone. It’s convenient and good for getting things turned around quickly. 

How much do you use the “other” features on your phone? Do you actually spend a significant amount of time accessing the internet or is it simply too much of a hassle? What changes do you think the iPhone will have on the features for other smartphones?

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