Understanding Generational Differences

by | Aug 31, 2009 | Observations

Read a good article on AccountingWeb about collaboration between the generations in the workplace.

I’ve talked about this before, but I find it interesting and think it bears repeating.  Understanding generational difference can only help productivity in the office.  That goes for each generation, not just those in positions of authority.

We all need to be flexible enough to recognize the most effective way to communicate with a different generation.  For example, a Boomer needs to realize Gen X’ers and Millennials have been taught (by us) to speak up and that this shouldn’t always be perceived as a challenge to authority.  On the flip side, Gen X’ers and Millennials need to respect the input of the trailblazers and recognize there is wisdom to be gained from those who came before them

Consultants like Chris DeSantis and Rebecca Ryan have developed successful programs and seminars to help companies learn about these issues and to facilitate dialogues between the generations.

How has your company dealt with generational issues?  If you’re a Millennial business owner, how do you handle working with us Boomers?

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