Wrap-Up of UK Trade Mission

by | Jun 18, 2009 | Observations

Well I have been back a week and have had a chance to reflect upon my recent trip to London and the UK.  First, it’s a shame the distance is so far, because I think more folks should visit the UK and get a better understanding of its history and the culture that arose there over the past 2000 years.  There were so many interesting things to see and do.  I am already thinking about my return trip.

Second, while we are an ocean apart, as a people, we are a lot closer to each other than probably either government would want to admit.  I think we share a common bond, interests, and pursuit of the same things in our personal and professional lives. 

Third, London like many large cities in our world is indeed a multi-cultural city.  And more importantly I never felt for my safety or had concerns about it in any way.  While there were some interesting characters I saw on the tube and traveling about the city, staying alert and focusing on where I was going helped me immensely. 

Finally, public transportation when reliable can and does work.  While I am not quite a newcomer to London, my last trip was probably in 1997, and I was very quickly able to adopt to the tube, bus, and taxi system of getting about London.  The only negative thing I encountered was a two day tube strike the last two days I was in the City.  If you are there and that is about to happen, get out of London fast.  The city doesn’t function well when the tube is not working…..

In closing, I think PKF UK and PKF Texas will be doing much more work together and pursuing common prospects and clients more frequently.  Cheers!


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