Who Benefits from Working with JVSA?

by | Feb 12, 2018 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®, The Energy Economy

Russ: The is the PKF Texas Entrepreneur’s Playbook. I’m Russ Capper, this week’s guest host and I’m here with Kirsten Strieck, a shareholder and Director of Operations & Client Services at Joint Venture Strategic Advisors. Welcome to the Playbook, Kirsten.

Kirsten: Thank you for having me.

Russ: You bet. So, you talk about this company a lot as JVSA, right?

Kirsten: That’s right.

Russ: Ok, tell us about JVSA.

Kirsten: JVSA is a joint venture consulting firm that provides joint venture services as well as joint venture audit services, primarily to the oil and gas industry.

Russ: Ok. Give me an example of what a good, ideal client would look like.

Kirsten: Well, today we met with an investment firm that’s looking to invest in oil and gas, and return on their investments, and so that’s one type of client.

Russ: Ok, so wait, sometimes you’re just talking about, not that it’s simple at all, but an investor and an oil and gas company, they’re coming together forming a joint venture.

Kirsten: Absolutely. But, also major oil and gas companies, small oil and gas companies, they also have joint ventures with other partners in the oil industry.

Russ: It must be an area that requires a special expertise, would you agree with that?

Kirsten: Yes. We have many staff members and contractors that have various years of experience, many in the 30 plus years in industry, and they are specialists in their areas.

Russ: How long have you been in the area?

Kirsten: I’ve been in oil and gas for over 11 years, specifically with JVSA, but over 25 years in the client services industry.

Russ: Ok, well thanks a lot, Kirsten, for sharing your perspective with us today.

Kirsten: Thank you.

Russ: You bet. For more information about JVSA, visit jvsa.com. This has been another Thought Leader Production, brought to you by PKF Texas Entrepreneur’s Playbook. Tune in next week for another chapter.

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