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by | Jul 22, 2013 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

Karen: This is PKF Texas, the Entrepreneur’s Playbook, and I’m Karen Love, Director of Practice Growth. The topic of today’s Playbook is the growing number of women in business leadership positions. We call it Women in Business 2.0, and my guest today is Lisa Shumate. She’s the executive director and general manager of the Houston Public Media. Welcome to the Playbook, Lisa.

Lisa: Thank you.

Karen: Thank you for being here.

Lisa: Thank you, Karen. Happy to be here.

Karen: Thank you. Lisa, what I’d like to ask you, with your experience in public media like you have, is with the knowledge that Texas is in the top five of the states with the fastest growing women-own business, and the combination of the money and decision that they control, what are you finding, and what do you see in your world, as far as that goes?

Lisa: Well, that is a great question, and I think the answer is that Texas is such a good place to do business, period. It’s attracting all kinds of businesses, so it only makes sense that we’re gonna have more women-owned businesses.

Karen: Why?

Lisa: And what I also see is in our very energy-centric economy, in those sectors, they are very proud to put their top women engineers, lawyers, accountants out in front, because they really want people to know that their industries promote women, and that women can rise to very high places. As far as public media goes, in the state of Texas, of the 12 public media stations, three of them have women general managers.

Karen: Wonderful.

Lisa: Houston, Dallas, and Amarillo.

Karen: Wonderful. All in Texas.

Lisa: All in Texas.

Karen: Fabulous. That’s wonderful.

Lisa: That’s exactly right.

Karen: Well, Lisa, thank you for sharing that. We really do appreciate that insight on women being involved in your industry and the success they’re having. This has been a Thought Leadership Production, brought to you by PKF Texas, the Entrepreneur’s Playbook. Tune in next week for another chapter.

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