Best Practices Vignettes Hit the 500 Episode Mark on the BusinessMakers Show

by | Jan 19, 2015 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

Karen: This is PKF Texas Entrepreneur’s Playbook, and I’m Karen Love, the host and co-founder. So today I’m turning the tables again and interviewing Russ Capper, the co-host of the BusinessMakers Show. So welcome back!

Russ: Great to be here once again, Karen.

Karen: Thank you. Thank you for being here. And the question that I had is when you began this many years ago, did you ever dream that you would be celebrating your 500th episode?

Russ: Oh, wow. No, I don’t think I dreamed about that. I always was, and still am, passionate about the cause of championing entrepreneurship because I don’t think it gets its just due. I mean it’s the job creators and the innovators, so it’s real cool. But let me turn back to you. Did you ever dream that you were gonna be getting close to your 500th Entrepreneur’s Playbook?

Karen: Well, you know, I love to be a trend forecasting person, but I didn’t forecast that. I really felt like partnering with you, it would be successful, and then the ongoing response that we’ve had from our audience really pushed it forward. So I definitely learned that it was gonna progress, but I never dreamed about 500.

Russ: Well, I remember the very beginning ’cause we sort of had this idea. We were only doing interviews for about the first six episodes, and that seemed like, “Whew, we gotta add a dimension to it,” and this idea kind of evolved of a best practices segment.

Karen: It did. Yeah.

Russ: And it was you and three other companies.

Karen: Yeah, it was.

Russ: And a couple of months later it was you and two other companies and then you and one other company and then just you.

Karen: Did I chase them away? Yeah.

Russ: No. You just – I think you just outdid them. I mean you branded it. In the very beginning you were the only one that came up with a cool name, a cool logo, stuck with it, and elevated it to these thought leader vignettes that we have today.

Karen: Well, it deserved it, and our audience has proven that it was worth the effort. And, of course, we have a team that worked together on that.

Russ: Absolutely.

Karen: It wasn’t me individually that did it. And then you helped us position it, so we’re very grateful.

Russ: It’s been fun.

Karen: And it’s been great, and we’re looking forward to 500 more.

Russ: There you go. I’m in.

Karen: Fantastic. Well, thank you for sharing that, and let’s celebrate together. Let’s do the bump.

Russ: All right.

Karen: Okay. Thank you.

Russ: You bet.

Karen: So this has been another Thought Leader Production brought you to by PKF Texas Entrepreneur’s Playbook. So tune in next week for another chapter.

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