Kenneth Guidry on How Corporate Culture Impacts Clients

by | Sep 3, 2013 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

Karen: This is PKF Texas, Entrepreneur’s Playbook, and I’m Karen Love, director of Practice Growth. I’m here today with Kenneth Guidry, the President of PKF Texas. Welcome back to the Playbook, Kenneth.

Kenneth: Thank you, Karen.

Karen: Now today, I’d like to talk to you about with the fierce competition in the marketplace, what role do you feel like the president of the accounting firm would play as far as retaining clients, customer satisfaction, and that whole realm of accomplishing retaining a client?

Kenneth: I’d like to think that I play a critical factor, and one of the most important roles, I think, starts with recruiting great people to serve our clients. We find that having people that are engaged and motivated and pleased with the work environment that we provide and the work that they do go a long way toward keeping clients satisfied, keeping them motivated, and retained for our services. I think it has to do with the culture of lifelong learning that we’ve created in the firm, and that’s an investment that we make to make sure that our people have the necessary skills and tools to serve clients effectively.

Karen: Fantastic. Well, I know that lifelong learning and culture is critical to attraction and retention of clients, so both the internal and the external kind, so thank you for sharing that thought with us, and maybe you’ll come back and expand on that again in the future.

Kenneth: I’d be happy to.

Karen: Thank you. This has been a Thought Leader production brought to you by the PKF Texas Entrepreneur’s Playbook. So tune in next week for another chapter. Thank you for joining us.

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