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by | Feb 13, 2012 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®, The Energy Economy

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Greg: This is PKF Texas and another chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Playbook. I’m Greg Price, director of Consulting Solutions and I’m here with Paul Parsons, President of Energy Training Resources. Paul, welcome to the Playbook.

Paul: Thank you Greg. It’s always a pleasure to work with PKF.

Greg: Thank you very much. So Paul, our enhanced focus on energy and improving our capabilities to deliver services to the energy industry has brought us to you and your company. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Paul: My company, Energy Training Resources provides overview courses for the industry and we teach our people who come to our courses about the entire industry. We start with a background and structure of the industry so that they can understand who the players on in the industry, what’s the difference between a contractor and oil company and a national oil company and so forth. Then we get into geology and exploration, mineral rights and drilling, production operations. We talk about contractors and suppliers, gas plants and liquefied natural gas, measurement and transportation and some of our courses even get into areas like oil and gas marketing and refining marketing and distribution. Of course we talk a lot about unconventional energy like shale gas drilling.

Greg: Wow, that sounds like the entire waterfront within the energy industry.

Paul: Well I think it’s good training for anyone and it’s particularly useful for not only people who are in the industry but people who are outside the industry like auditors at PKF that gain a lot more knowledge of their client by coming to our courses.

Greg: That’s why we’re involved with Training Resources. Will you come back and share some more insight with us?

Paul: Absolutely.

Greg: All right. We’ll have you back on another chapter. This has been another Thought Leader Production brought to you by PKF Texas, the Entrepreneur’s Playbook. Tune in next week for another chapter. Remember, if you’re interested in gaining greater insight into the energy industry go to

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