Economic Development in Katy, Texas

by | Jan 16, 2017 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

Russ:  This is the PKF Texas Entrepreneur’s Playbook.  I’m Russ Capper, this week’s guest host, and I’m here once again with Rick Ellis, Vice President of the Katy Area Economic Development Council.  Welcome back to the Playbook Rick.

Rick:  Glad to be here again, thanks for having me.

Russ:  You bet, you bet.  Tell us about what kind of economic development is happening today in Katy, TX.

Rick:  Well real estate is huge; things are still booming land is abundant.  If you look at the intersection of I10 and 99 there’s a number of land opportunities available, especially north of I10; a lot of activity going on there.

Russ:  Okay, so you mentioned the intersection of 99 and 10, what a massive intersection; that might end up being the center of the county at some time.

Rick:  You know I was actually thinking that and I drive 99.  And I remember when 99 from 290 to I10 was open and you’re just in the middle of nowhere.  You’re thinking what is going to happen with all this land?

Russ:  And you’re saying there’s development going on right now.

Rick:  You’re starting to see it.  You’re seeing residential, you’re seeing industrial, you’re seeing office; you’re seeing a lot going on out there.

Russ:  Okay. I mean when you answer the question what’s going on there is it multiple industries and is it mostly taking place north of 10?

Rick:  Mostly north of 10; U of H and U of H Victoria are going to share 46 acres and build 2 facilities, they’re going to bring 300 jobs to the region and eventually ultimately be able to service 8,000 students between those 2 campuses.  That’s very exciting.

Russ:  My goodness, it would be really cool to be able to go to high school there and then go to college right there in Katy too.

Rick:  Right there, yeah, and Victoria as well.

Russ:  That’s right.  All right Rick, I really appreciate you sharing an update about Katy with us once again.

Rick:  Thanks so much.

Russ:  You bet.  And that wraps up my discussion with Rick Ellis, the Vice President of Katy Area Economic Development Council.  And this is the PKF Texas Entrepreneur’s Playbook.


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