Life-Long Learning as a Differentiator

by | Apr 28, 2014 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

Karen: This is PKF Texas, Entrepreneur’s Playbook, and I’m Karen Love, the host and cofounder. Today, I’m here with Annabella Green, the Director of Human Capital and Firm Administration. Welcome back, Annabella.

Annabella: Thank you, Karen. Thank you for having me.

Karen: Our topic is recruiting in this hot Houston economy and you mention lifelong learning as being a differentiator for PKF Texas, so I’d like for you to tell us about that.

Annabella: At PKF Texas, once you join us, we are not going to pigeon hole you in your position. We are going to train you, give you hands on experience, send you out on the field, so that you can practice what you have learned here at the firm. Training is specific and accurate and current.

Karen: So that sounds important. What else does it include?

Annabella: It includes leadership training, skill training, and professional training.

Karen: Wonderful, and I’ll bet the team members at PKF really enjoy having the capability of learning new things in the lifelong learning.

Annabella: Yes, they do.

Karen: Thanks for joining us, Annabella, and I hope you’ll come back again.

Annabella: Thank you.

Karen: This has been another Thought Leader production brought to you by PKF Texas Entrepreneur’s Playbook, so tune in next week for another chapter.

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