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by | Aug 27, 2010 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

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In a recent survey of over 400 finance executives 55% said that they were somewhat confident that their consulting firm was producing an acceptable rate of return on investment, while 16% said they were not confident or didn’t know.  As the article stated, that’s not really the endorsement the consulting world was looking for.

As a consultant, I am not surprised.  One of the early lessons we learned here at PKF Texas is that our Consulting Solutions Group, cannot be all things, to all people.  We narrowly focus on delivering a select list of Microsoft Dynamics NAV consulting services, some NAV Add-on products, and a couple of other related products and activities within the Financial and Operational world of NAV.

From time to time we contact our clients and ask them about our services, (just to make sure we are providing value).  If we are doing the right things, we shouldn’t be afraid of the feedback. And the feedback we have received is very helpful.  Some key things we learned about the value equation.

• We listened to their concerns; we didn’t try to sell them something.
• We have people who have sat on their side of the table, and faced decisions that they are about to make.
• Our platform is reliable, scalable and has a great history of success; our consultants are skilled and know the product.
• We asked what they wanted to do, and didn’t assume we had the answers in advance.
• They liked the fact they PKF Texas evaluated them as a possible client while they were evaluating us as their consultants and advisors.

In the old days, hiring a big name computer company or consulting firm was risk free. However, in today’s fast paced, cost effective environment, having a small and nimble player like PKF Texas CS Group deliver your NAV services could be better than you think.  Given our knowledge and narrow focus, we can help you with your NAV investment and garner a better rate of return with it.

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