PKF Texas – Entrepreneur’s Playbook®:Are We Together Part II

by | May 7, 2010 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

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So in our last segment on this topic we talked about how our CEO used Aerial Photography and Two Bricks to make a stand and get his people the same page.

Any thoughts?

Well first he organized a meeting in a neutral site and brought the entire organization together.  He laid out his plans, his vision and asked for their cooperation.  He committed to them that if they followed his vision, they would indeed become successful and make their organization one of the best places to work in the cities that they were located in.

After that discussion he worked with setting up some groups of employees, mixing together folks from both organizations and then created a ruse of performing some “treasure hunt” activities.  Eventually they all ended up in the parking lot of the location they were at. 

Afterwards they returned to the auditorium and were stunned to see an aerial photo of them spelling out the Company’s name in the parking lot.  A plane flying overhead took the photo and it was submitted digitally, via electronic email to the CEO. He then presented it via projector on screen.

As they left the meeting he saw that each employee was given two bricks. No explanation, just two bricks.  Later an employee came to him and said that he couldn’t do anything with two bricks. The CEO’s response was, “Exactly!”  Soon, word got around that they were expected to work together and build something with their bricks. 

In both instances the employees found the exercise highly motivational and successful.

Who is this organization you ask? “The Planet and Doug Erwin is the CEO.”

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