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by | Jan 7, 2013 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

Russ: This is PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook. I am Russ Capper, sitting in once again for Greg Price, the Director of Consulting Solutions at PKF Texas, because Greg is my guest once again. Greg, welcome back to the Playbook.

Greg: Well, Russ, thanks for having me back.

Russ: You bet. You seem like you’re getting comfortable now in the guest seat.

Greg: Well, I’ve seen enough of ’em, so I can learn from all their great success stories that they’ve talked about.

Russ: There you go. All right. So I wanna talk once again about NAV. What’s happening now? Software moves along quickly. Anything new going on?

Greg: Well, in the world of Microsoft, things always change, Russ.

Russ: Right.

Greg: And so NAV came out with a new release this past fall. And one of the things I’m very excited to talk about is some of the challenges and changes that have come forward with mobility.

Russ: Mobility, wow. So we’re talking about getting portable with NAV.

Greg: That’s correct. We’re now able to access NAV from any one of the numerous mobile devices that are available to us. These would be like smartphones and smart tablets that are available for people in the field to access their ERP system while they’re on the road.

Russ: Very interesting. Do you think that that will be a popular use of the system?

Greg: Well, I think it is because the capabilities have been enhanced to cover not just Microsoft Internet Explorer, but Firefox, Google, and Safari as well. So if you have any of those devices that access the internet, you now have the capability to see what’s going on back at the office.

Russ: Okay, so, being realistic in the world of development, how soon could a NAV user expect to be able to have that capability?

Greg: Well, if they have the most current release, it’s available today.

Russ: Wow.

Greg: We have a product called MobileNAV that we rep in this marketplace that allows people to have the access to NAV through that application.

Russ: Very interesting. Very interesting. Okay, this has been another Thought Leader Production brought to you by PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook. Tune in next week for another chapter, and if you wanna know a little bit more about NAV, just go to

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