PKF Texas – The Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Information Management Part 4

by | Oct 19, 2007 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

Note: Running most Fridays in FromGregsHead.comis a continuing series of tips brought to you by Greg Price. These run Saturday mornings during the BusinessMaker’s Radio Show on KPRC 950AM. Audio files can be found on the Entrepreneur’s Playbook page of the PKF Texas website.

This is the fourth in our series on Information Management from Microsoft and PKF Texas. Information, once found, must be organized and managed to be used effectively. When data, facts, and figures are assembled in a coherent manner, they become knowledge and insight that your team or organization can use to drive the business forward. Effective data management requires:

  • Sorting and selecting. A Desktop Search that offers visual page previews with detailed summary information to help reduce the time people spend interpreting search results.
  • Customizable, up-to-date searches. Retrieve your information on demand with saved searches that organize and quickly display up-to-date information
  • Integration with applications. Excel, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft Office applications smoothly incorporate data regardless of its format, to help your people transform information into knowledge.

More secure access. Protect your company’s intellectual property and abide by regulatory compliance efforts with defined rules for storage, access, and distribution of documents and e-mail. You decide whom you want to have access to your business insights.

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