Life/Work Balance

by | Nov 3, 2006 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

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This tip is brought to you by Rebecca Ryan, of Next Generation Consulting, Inc.and PKF Texas.

An important factor in becoming a Next Generation Company is creating and sustaining a good work-life balance for all of your employees. 

If your employees know you respect and value their non-work life, they will be more willing to provide the level of service necessary to run a successful business.

Make sure you listen to the wants and needs of your employees and look for ways to incorporate these in your corporate strategy. Everything from providing gym memberships to onsite child care facilities can show your employees that your firm supports and values their personal lives.  

By putting into place policies and procedures providing a good work-life balance, You will be able to reduce turn-over, provide higher quality work to your clients, and ultimately attract and retain quality employees.


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