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by | Jan 30, 2009 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

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I was reading Matthew David’s list of tech predictions for 2009 and was very impressed with some of his observations for 2009.  I have selected a few of the list for discussion:

2009 is the year of Cloud Computing. The biggest event to happen this year is in effect a series of events. The common thread will be Cloud Computing based services. Whether architected on Microsoft’s, Amazon’s or Google’s cloud services, expect a lot of big name desktop solutions to come to the Web. The basics include email, calendar, but complex solutions such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentation tools will be part of your daily toolset by the end of the year. This time next year you will start to wonder why did you ever install software on your computer.

New OS’s from everyone. Both Apple and Microsoft will release new Operating Systems. Apple will look to beat Microsoft to the punch with OS X Snow Leopard coming months before Windows 7. Did you hate those Microsoft "Mojave Experiment" commercials? Then expect no peace when the Microsoft marketing machine gets cranked up to full throttle with the launch of Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2009 in time for the holiday season.

Netbooks arrive. Recession driven cheaper computers are sprouting up like mushrooms after a storm. The new devices are slim in features (many do not even have a DVD drive) and they have little or no hard drive but they do come with Windows XP or Linux, they do have WiFi and they come in under $450. These new devices are coming to be known as Netbooks. It is a catchy name. Target is even running a Linux Netbook for $299. If all you do is check email and surf the Web, then this may be the device for you.

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