3 Recruiting Tips for Students Seeking Accounting Internships

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Recruiting, Insight-Post

If you’re diving into the busy recruiting process for your accounting career, it can be stressful! There’s lots of information to learn and lots of people to meet, but no need to feel overwhelmed. Need some recruiting tips? We sit down and talk with PKF Texas Talent Acquisition Specialist, Emily Marsh, who shares three recruiting tips with you so recruiting season is a breeze.

Jen: PKF Texas is where you go to grow personally and professionally. We are dedicated to appreciating your career while making you feel appreciated all along the way. I’m Jen Lemanski, and I’m here with Emily Marsh, our Talent Acquisition Specialist, and we’re going to cover a few different recruiting topics for you. Emily, glad you’re here. So, what recruiting tips do you have for candidates?

Recruiting Tip 1: Relax – Take a Deep Breath

Emily: For the recruiting process with candidates, I would say to just relax – take a deep breath. I know the students are going through this recruiting process, and they have a ton of different companies who are there and talking to them and all of that. It can be very overwhelming. So, I definitely would say to just kind of relax; it’s going to be okay. It’s not the end of the world.

Recruiting Tip 2: Talk to Different Companies

You have a ton of different options available to you, so definitely be sure to talk to the companies, all the different companies. Go to the office visits, make sure that you’re able to get a real feel for the company and just have fun while you’re doing it.

Recruiting Tip 3: Asking the Right Questions About Culture

Jen: So, culture is such an important part of any decision when you’re making a decision about your career. What are some things that the students can ask to really hone in on how they get a feel for that culture?

Emily: Absolutely. So, they definitely should ask about their vision and values, ask about the perks and benefits. Some things that the company does together, team interactions, making sure they’re being able to have that…

Jen: Have fun.

Emily: Have fun. Have that company interaction and different perks and benefits. It’s all going to be dependent upon your values and what you value most. Some people may be more interested in the flexibility aspect, and some people may be more interested in the softball league or the soccer league or just different interactions that they have available.

Jen: Perfect. Well, we’ll have you back to talk some more recruiting tips. Sound good?

Emily: Sounds good.

Jen: When we say Approachable Advisors™, we mean it. Our team is available and eager to assist you as you grow in your career. At PKF Texas, we call this Appreciating You. Learn more at PKFTexas.com/Careers.

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