What do Accounting Internships Look Like at PKF Texas?

by | Jan 13, 2023 | Recruiting, Insight-Post

It’s challenging to describe what a full accounting internship looks like in a condensed explanation, but what are the highlights? Talent Acquisition Specialist, Emily Marsh, shares some information about what accounting internships look like at PKF Texas and what interns can expect during their time here.

Jen: PKF Texas is where you go to grow personally and professionally. We are dedicated to appreciating your career while making you feel appreciated all along the way. I’m Jen Lemanski, and I’m here with Emily Marsh, our Talent Acquisition Specialist at PKF Texas. Emily, glad you’re back.

Emily: Absolutely. Thanks for having me.

The Accounting Internship Timeline

Jen: What’s the general timeline for an internship?

Emily: Generally speaking, the timeline for the accounting internship is going to start… we have Spring and Summer internship programs. So, the spring is going to start in January or February, depending on if you do audit or tax, and they’re going to be about 10 weeks long. So, each program is going to have you start with your technical training, learning the different software programs, getting a feel for everything.

And then you’re going to really dive into more of the actual work experience. So, you’re going to work on actual clients that we have and have that different variety of different projects that you have working on.

The Buddy and Coach Program

Being able to have the buddy and the coach system available for you. So, with that internship program, you’ll be assigned a buddy and a coach. The buddy is going to be the person who helps you through the day-to-day operations of everything. And then your coach is going to help you mentor everything and make sure you’re on the right path and you’re doing well through your internship program.

Firm Events

During the accounting internship program, we do also provide a lot of events to take the students out and have them have a better understanding of the different associates and the firm itself. Being able to interact with everyone. We will go to The Rodeo, we’ll go to an Escape Room or Dave and Busters just to make sure that everyone has a good time and, you know, you work hard and you play hard, too.

Jen: Perfect. Thank you so much.

Emily: Of course.

Jen: When we say Approachable Advisors™, we mean it. Our team is available and eager to assist you as you grow in your career. At PKF Texas, we call that Appreciating You. Visit PKFTexas.com/Careers to learn a little bit more.

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