What Does Flexibility Look Like at PKF Texas?

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Recruiting, Insight-Post

You’ve probably heard the term “flexibility” many times, but what does it mean to you? There’s a broad spectrum of what flexibility is, so here is Talent Acquisition Specialist, Emily Marsh, describing what it looks like at PKF Texas and how it impacts your career.

Jen: PKF Texas is where you go to grow personally and professionally. We are dedicated to appreciating your career while making you feel appreciated all along the way. I’m Jen Lemanski and I’m here with Emily Marsh, our Talent Acquisition Specialist here at PKF Texas. Emily, glad you were able to join us today.

Emily: Hi. Yeah, absolutely.

Jen: You know, we want to talk about some recruiting topics and some things that people may be interested in learning about our firm. So, can you talk a little bit about kind of what our remote work, hybrid flexibility kind of work policy is, and what that looks like for both an experienced hire, as well as somebody coming right out of school?

Emily: Sure, absolutely. So, with our remote work flexibility schedule that we do have once COVID happened, everyone kind of worked remote from home, and we found that it really works with our employees. And so, they are able to work as long as their work performance is good and their team is not coming into the office or anything like that, they’re able to work from home.

There is also flexibility to where if you need to go to a doctor’s appointment or take your child to the doctor or there’s a vet appointment or anything like that, you’re able to have that flexibility to do that throughout the day. We understand you have a life outside of work, and we want to make sure that you’re able to get those things taken care of. Now, obviously you have to communicate with your team. Make sure there’s no – if there is deadlines, you’re communicating with them.

If the team is coming into the office, you will maybe want to come into the office as well. But for the most part you’re able to kind of work as long as you get your work done, able to work from home and have that flexibility.

Jen: And how have we seen that impact our team members as they’ve hired on and things like that?

Emily: Yeah, well obviously it’s been really great for our team. We ask everybody in the firm, we do polls and things of that nature to make sure is everyone still comfortable working from home. Do they want to work in the office? Which of course we’re open all the time so you can come into the office if you want to. But a lot of the people are really enjoying being able to work from home and have that flexibility. So, it’s been really good.

Jen: Perfect. Well great. We’ll get you back to talk a little bit more about some other recruiting aspects. Sound good?

Emily: Sounds great.

Jen: When we say Approachable Advisors™, we mean it. Our team is available and eager to assist you in your career. At PKF Texas, we call that Appreciating You. Visit PKFTexas.com/Careers to learn a little bit more.

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