Recap: Employee Engagement and Communication Strategies Seminar

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Route to Profits®, Community Circle, Employee Benefit Plans

There was a full house for our first employee benefit plan seminar of the year, “Engaging and Communicating with Your Employees,” on Thursday, February 6, 2020, featuring speaker, Monirah Bacnik, founder and CEO of brand28. Employee engagement is a universal topic companies and organizations want to address and improve, and Bacnik delivered an energetic and colorful presentation.

Bacnik focused on introducing and providing examples of effective communication strategies to engage a multi-generational workforce. She also provided an interactive workbook for attendees to follow along with her presentation, where they can fill in their personal thoughts and goals for employee engagement.

The main goal of Bacnik’s presentation was to change attendees’ perspective on how to think about engagement and communication. She provided her insight on the following:

  • What is employee engagement?
  • The four ingredients needed to boost employee engagement
  • Tips and tricks on how to communicate with your team
    • Across generational span: Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z
  • How to build out an effective communication plan

Throughout her presentation, Bacnik not only explained different concepts of engagement and communication, but she also described relatable real-life examples to ensure attendees had a full grasp on the content. She supplemented this with various ideas attendees could use to apply these concepts at their own companies. Bacnik closed out the seminar by encouraging attendees to invest time to develop a plan, utilizing the new knowledge and ideas they gained in the hour-long presentation.

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