Payroll – Wrapping Out the Year – November Items

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Tax and Accounting Desk

October’s come and gone. Are you ready for year-end closing? Last month, we gave you a head start with items to make the rest of the year’s recons run smoothly.  And as promised, here is the list of tasks for November.

  • Remind employees of W-4 changes and that exempted W-4 expire February 15.
  • Download SSA’s AccuWage program. Become familiar with how the software works.
  • If you haven’t, consider registering with the SSA’s Business Services Online to electronically submit W-2s. It’s free and easy. You need time for the paperwork to process, so be sure to register early.
  • If you out-source, make sure your provider is prepared for additional and/or out-of-sequence payrolls.

December will be here quickly. Watch for that checklist arriving in our blog soon. Thanks to the American Payroll Association for their help.

The above list is not inclusive. Be sure to customize lists for your particular needs.


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