Payroll – Wrapping Out the Year, October Items

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Tax and Accounting Desk

Busy season for Payroll Professionals across the US starts this month. Make an early (or a really late) resolution to get this year’s close to flow like liquid chocolate over steaming roasted peanuts.

With help from the wonderful group at the American Payroll Association, we have an Year-End checklist to kick off October with calm sigh of I got this.

  • Confirm 3rd quarter numbers are balanced.
  • Verify bank payroll reconciliations are complete
  • Prep 2013 YE calendar for deadlines, holidays, and adjustments.
  • Identify processing dates for additional payroll runs for bonuses, etc.
  • Print the W-2 audit report to verify nothing sticks out as wrong.
  • Prepare a checklist to give each person/department who you’ll need data from. Include deadlines on the list for each item you request.

Stay tuned, we’ll have lists for November and December coming up. The above list is not inclusive. Be sure to customize lists for your particular needs.

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