Cloud Computing, The Wave of the Future

by | Feb 4, 2009 | Tecknowledgy, Week in Geek

I mentioned it briefly in the PKF Texas – The Entrepreneur’s Playbook™ last week, but it seems like everywhere I turn, there’s another story about cloud computing.  It’s not a new concept, but with companies like Google, Amazon and leading the charge, it’s becoming increasingly hard to ignore.

Below are several articles I’ve read recently from and InformationWeek that debate the pros and cons of cloud computing.

I really like the 10 Cloud Computing Predictions article.  It provides insight into where cloud computing is going, and what you should keep an eye out for if you’re looking to make the jump.  The biggest concern all of the articles point out is data security.  That’s something that IT departments need to look at closely when choosing a cloud service provider.  Are there enough checks and safe guards in place to ensure your data is not compromised.

Does your business use cloud computing?  How have you protected your data?  Do you have any best practices for those looking to use cloud computing?


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