CPAs Tweeting

by | Aug 26, 2009 | Tecknowledgy

The latest issue of AccountingToday features an article on CPAs tweeting.  The reporter, Liz Gold, included the PKF Texas Practice Growth team’s insight on CPAs tweeting and what we’re doing as a firm. Karen Love, Director and Raissa Evans, Senior Manager, were both quoted in the article.

PKF Texas doesn’t have a designated “firm” Twitter feed, rather team members tweet as individuals.  I’m still tweeting (@fromgregshead), not as often as some, but it’s been a good tool for me to use to interact with various members of my personal and professional networks. 

I’m glad to see other firms exploring their options in the Twitter-verse.  Looks like we’re starting move forward from the stodgy accountant stereotype! There are some good tips and advice in Gold’s article if you’re looking to set up your own or your firm’s Twitter account. The most important (in my eyes anyway) being “It’s important to think about why you would want to use Twitter in the first place.”

What has your company decided to do about Twitter?  How often do you tweet as an individual or a firm?  How many people are you following?

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