Excuse Me, I Have to Answer My Watch

by | Oct 2, 2006 | Tecknowledgy

Just when I think technology can’t get any more cartoon-like, the proverbial “they” come out with something new, once only imagined in a 1940’s sci-fi or detective cartoon. 

Fossil and Sony-Ericsson have developed a line of watches, using Bluetooth technology, that allows you to read your caller id when your cell phone rings. 

The image of Dick Tracey talking to the Chief on his watch phone comes to mind.

Fortunately, (or unfortunately depending on your point of view) you can’t actually answer your phone from the watch, you can only send the call to voicemail. 

This is a good thing I think. Imagine sitting in a meeting and all of a sudden someone says, “Excuse me for a moment, I have to answer an important call on my watch.” At least a Blackberry is relegated to a pocket or your belt. It’s obvious when someone is checking their Blackberry. With a watch you’d never know if they are receiving a phone call or if they are just checking the time. 

Would you rather be chained to your Blackberry or your watch? Would people even use the watches? They seem like a novelty to me that will be trendy for a few months until the next latest and greatest gadget reaches the market. 

Click here to read the original article in The Houston Chronicle.

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