We’re all Connected – A Web site Suggested by a Reader

by | Aug 7, 2006 | Tecknowledgy

Following up on my posting last week urging us not to forget that we’re all not connected and my efforts to solicit feedback, one reader, Tracey Segarra of Citrin Cooperman, an accounting and consulting firm based in New York, suggested a site for review – Geekcorps.

Interesting stuff. Geekcorps is an international nonprofit organization whose goal is to promote the interchange of information through technology. Geekcorps is part of the International Executive Service Corps.

Sounds like an ambitious effort – and it is! However, the site is worth checking out.

Take a look at Geekcorps’ Success Stories and the Economic Sector Development featured in Our Programs. There’s also a signup for a free E-newsletter.

Thanks Tracey. If others have suggestions, send them to me and we’ll post them in a future blog.

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