Who Needs a Computer When You Have a Car?

by | Sep 13, 2006 | Tecknowledgy

In the September issue of Business 2.0, there is an article called, “The 20 Smartest Companies to Start Now.” One particular idea caught my eye. Labeled as, “The Ultimate iDrive,” it is an in-dash computer with a keyboard built into the steering wheel and a full screen heads-up display projected on the windshield.

Definitely an interesting concept. Imagine on your morning drive to work being able to check and write e-mails without removing your hands from the steering wheel. The screen would appear to float 15 feet in front of the vehicle, so your eyes can easily focus between the screen and the traffic ahead.

This type of technology was apparently developed 30 years ago for fighter pilots so they didn’t have to take their eyes off the sky.   

There are obvious safety issues, namely, if we can’t handle talking on the phone in the car, how will we handle writing 15 e-mails on the morning drive? 

What would be really useful is if you could float the screen to the backseat, so the kids could be engaged on the drive to and from school. Though I can hear it now, “Dad, I didn’t finish my history paper last night. Can we take your car? Mom’s doesn’t have the computer.”

Do we need this added level of accessibility in our cars? Probably not. Is it fun to think of the possibilities this technology can provide us? Definitely. 

What issues do you see with this kind of technology? Do you think this will help or hinder our connectivity? We’re closer to the era of the Jetsons than we think.

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