Widgets, Widgets Everywhere

by | Sep 25, 2006 | Tecknowledgy, Week in Geek

What is your opinion on the use of widgets?

From Weatherbug to the new Sports Illustrated widget, mySI, which downloads sports scores and photos directly to your desktop, they seem to be cropping up all over cyberspace.

There are literally hundreds of these add-ons we can install and use on our computers to make our lives “easier.” Most are free and can be used by anyone. With so many to choose from can you have too many? Most likely yes. When do they stop being useful and merely become an annoyance?

My kids have widgets on their Myspace pages. Music, photos, countdowns, the list goes on. These widgets help them to “personalize” their small slice of cyberspace. 

Do the widgets you have make your life easier? Is it worth it to have content “conveniently” delivered directly to your desktop, or are we making ourselves too accessible to potential hackers?


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