XBRL Just Got a Whole Lot Easier to Understand

by | Apr 19, 2006 | Tecknowledgy

As a follow up to my posting on Monday about XBRL, it’s coincidental that Rivet Software just announced that its Beta versions of Dragon Tag 2006 and Dragon View 2006 are now available for use.
What will this do for you? Make XBRL – a very complex process – a lot easier.
These two new versions of Rivet’s XBRL personal productivity applications contain new features and enhancements that continue to provide support for XBRL, making it easy for companies and regulators to adopt the worldwide standard for financial reporting.
Sounds good to me. Seems this also makes it easier to explain XBRL to customers and clients.
According to Rivet: Dragon Tag 2006 and Dragon View 2006 continue Rivet’s focus on providing easy-to-use and affordable XBRL applications to accounting and finance professionals that mask the underlying complexity sometimes associated with XBRL adoption.”
The new releases of Dragon Tag and Dragon View include the following new features:
*Multiple core/base XBRL taxonomies within a single company extension taxonomy for marking up both financial and non-financial information
*Automatic ratio calculation based upon information contained within XBRL financials
*Extended support for marking up more complex business report information requiring advanced XBRL taxonomy concepts (nested tuples, enumerations, choice elements, etc.)
*Ability to copy company extension taxonomies prior to making new/additional changes when marking up successive business reports
*Ability to export XBRL taxonomies, financials and calculated ratios into an already existing Microsoft Excel workbook
*Enhanced validation and review of markup information prior to creating XBRL financials

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