I’ve Jumped on the iPhone Bandwagon

by | Aug 20, 2009 | Week in Geek

Count me in as the latest iPhone convert.  I bought one a few weeks ago when it was time to upgrade my phone.  I was definitely skeptical about being able to use it for business, as it seemed to be more of a “toy.” But the iPhone 3GS I purchased doesn’t seem to have any problems.  It does everything I need it and more.  Even in very remote faraway places.

I can get all of my business email, there’s an app for editing Microsoft office documents, and there’s even an app for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  I love having everything at my fingertips.

I know I frequently question the need to be connected 24-7, but with the iPhone, it doesn’t seem like you’re plugged in the whole time.  Dare I say I don’t feel like I’m doing work when in fact I am?  I have yet to think of an app that I might need/want that doesn’t already exist.  Really no matter what you think you need, someone has developed the app for it.

Recently, while in Canada I was visiting with some engineers who were frustrated with the fact they couldn’t connect their laptops in the Canadian Rockies to get some very urgent emails.  So I showed them my iPhone and download their content, allowed them to check their emails, check flight schedules, etc.  Needless to say I sold three iPhones on the spot.  I wonder if Apple and ATT will give me a commission?  Just joking of course, but for sure whenever I show people the iPhone, they are blown away by its ease of use and functionality.

At a wedding reception while in Canada I pulled out the iPhone to show some pictures and one the guests had over 1,000 photos of her recent African Safari on her iPhone.  We wowed everyone at our table.

How many of you have made the switch to the iPhone?  What is the coolest app you’re using?  What do you think I should download?

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