PKF Texas Directors are One in 20 Million

by | Feb 15, 2013 | Week in Geek

One in 20 million… It might not sound like much until you hear the 20 million is 10% of the 200 million users of LinkedIn.

Late last week, several of our Directors were notified that they were among the top LinkedIn profiles viewed in 2012. Tax Directors, Frank Landreneau and Del Walker were in the top 10% and Audit Director, Dan Ramey, was in the top 1%. Not bad for accountants who are contending with marketers, recruiters and IT folks who traditionally have high visibility.

Our resident social media guru, Practice Growth Executive Manager, Raissa Evans, said “Even being one of 20 million says something about the market and engagement. Think about how many Twitter Accounts are just squatted, doing nothing. The unique part of LinkedIn is that it can work for you even times when you leave it static.”

Last year she made a concerted effort to boost our team’s presence on LinkedIn. She coined the term LinkedIn Labs, for our lab-style training sessions. We started by training them how to make simple, yet substantive changes to their profile which would increase their chances of being found in a search.

We’re glad LinkedIn and others recognized what we already knew: we have awesome thought leaders here at PKF Texas! We’re proud to have three of 20 million!

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